Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The beginning of the winter garden

The last two summers here have been so hot and dry that it has been impossible to raise any vegetables unless they are covered with shade cloth and watered more than daily.  Two weeks of days that are over 45 degrees (C) is so hard for veges.  
I have decided to try a winter crop that is more than we can eat, freeze some and grow less during the summer next year.  More about my plans for summer later.

So far this year I have planted some broccoli, cabbages and cauliflower,  a few onions,  lettuce, herbs and so on.  The first of these have been in the ground for some weeks now and it looks as though we should have some early broccoli.  The silver beet (above) was self seeded from last year's crop and it came up near the broccoli plants.  We have eaten that while waiting for the rest of the garden to grow.  Tiny leeks are there as well.  Once the broccoli is finished, we'll have leeks with our potatoes.

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