Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday, still raining...

We have had more rain overnight and the total now is 40mm.  It has been wonderful for plants that have been struggling until now in the garden.  I have an overflowing tank.

And now back to the little patch of kale, peas, onions and carrots.  I included the very front bit this time also.  This is coriander.  I put a handful of seeds  (last year's clump of coriander that went to seed before Christmas)  in this corner of the garden and it has sprouted in the rain.  There are a few lost coriander plants amongst the cabbages and cauliflowers also...  seeds that fell from the plants there last year.

Last week (on Wednesday) I planted some mustard seeds.  In fact I used some mustard seeds that I mainly use in cooking, though they are pretty old, and I thought I'd see if they are viable. I took a handful of seeds... it was a big handful because I thought they might not all sprout,  and I had to allow for the sparrows that live nearby...  well here is what I found this morning... and if you click on the picture to make it bigger,  you'll see how very viable they are!  Every one of them must be growing.
The soil is pretty awful in this spot. It was hard to get water to soak into it, not much organic matter and I didn't have any gypsum on hand...  no extra minerals or "blood and bone."  It was like a dry powder that the water couldn't soak into at all.  Even spraying it with the hose caused a little cloud of dust!  It will be interesting to see how these plants manage.  I've put some cumin seeds next to these (not up yet) and it will all probably be dug in ready for the spring.  Perhaps this will improve the soil anyway.   I'm going to try the mustard leaves though.  They are supposed to be good to eat.

The basil has almost all died off.  I have planted some Greek basil.  I bought the plant at the "Gardening Australia" event in Adelaide some weeks ago.   It tastes and smells very similar to the usual basil, though the leaves are a bit tougher.    It is supposed to be perennial.  We'll see.  It is growing near the jalapeno plant where I can protect both of them if the weather gets too cold in the winter.  It is a beautiful plant...

Back to the broad beans.  The rain has helped them along.  Just as I was photographing them, Jessie came around the end of the garden.  (She knows that she can't run across.)  I included this picture for Chris, so anyone who is talking to him should let him know that there's a current photo of her right here.

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John L said...

Gee you're clever. My coriander came up and then disappeared.