Thursday, 23 April 2009


Today it began to rain.  I have the pump attached to the "house tank" and the electricity connected to the pump.  All I need now is the plumbing attached to the house and we'll be "off the grid."  That is the pump beside the green tank. I think it is lovely.  That tank in the picture holds 9000 litres and it is full.  I have two more 9000l tanks, and I'm saving up for the fourth.
If you look very carefully,  you can see the rooster in the aviary behind the tank.  He is the one that the dogs cornered on the verandah some time ago (I rescued him and put him in that aviary to see if he would survive.)  I think he'll be soup if he keeps on crowing at 4 in the morning...  and only 10 metres from the bedroom window.  The alternative is to leave him in with the chooks and raise some more chicks next summer.  There are a couple of roosters among last summers chicks...  so there'll be rooster soup sometime soon...  one way or another.
These are a couple of the trees in the yard.  It's very dry,  but I think that if red gums as large as this can grow here, then there must be enough water for the garden.  And look at all of the kindling wood under the trees.

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