Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturday and still raining

There has been nearly an inch of rain in the old measurements.  In fact we have had 21mm over two days and there are a few showers to come.  
Here is the "kale,peas/fennel,onion, carrot" patch again... a little bit greener than before.
And the kale is finally out of the ground.  Kale is another brassica,  so it has these special shaped leaves when it's little, just like broccoli, cabbages and cauliflower.

This is some curly leafed kale that I planted as seedlings a few weeks ago.  It is a Russian variety, with purplish stems and frilly leaves.  I had thoughts that it would be hard to find cabbage moth eggs or caterpillars underneath them, amongst the frills.  I keep those under control by checking for the eggs and removing them daily.  Interestingly though, the moths seemed to prefer the smooth leafed broccoli some distance away and there were very few problems with these plants.  In fact the moths even preferred particular broccoli plants even though they all looked the same from what I could see.
I've been picking the bigger outer leaves of the Russian kale already.  The taste is similar to the other kale varieties and a bit like cabbage.

Amaranth is one of the vegetables that is used in India to supply vitamins that are missing from rice, without having to genetically modify the grain to add vitamins and change its colour to yellow.  I first tried growing it a couple of years ago when I read about its high vitamin content and thought that a plant from India might tolerate heat.  It is hard to grow "leafy green food" in summer but amaranth proved to be very tolerant of heat and resilient even if it dries out.  
I saved the seeds and now I'm trying them during the winter.   They are coming up all over the place.

This is a baby cabbage with the middle leaves jsut beginning to curl over.  The cabbages are still a while away, but I like the shape of the leaves when they are showing what they are programmed to do...  curling into a sphere...  seems like magic to me.  

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Jane said...

I have included the day (Saturday) in the title for this post, and I might do it more. I find it so annoying that google is still trying to tell me that it's yesterday... and that the time is wrong too.