Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Seed sowing

I have planted three rows of broad beans here.  These are just a little bit early.  Usually I plant them after Anzac day (April 25th) but they seem healthy enough.  In the background you can see the wall of the house that I am repairing.  There was quite a hole where the stones had fallen out and the mud that held them together had washed out.  I have refilled it with stones, bricks and limey mortar.  It looks pretty uneven,  but it matches the rest of the house and I did it myself so that I'm pretty pleased with it.

These little onion plants have been growing for a couple of months.  They grew from seed that I saved from the onion plants last year.  I don't remember what colour or shape the onions were,  but I'm sure that they'll be edible.

I have prepared some long rows of good soil and planted an assortment of seeds.  Here are four furrows with (from the right) kale that is still invisible; peas (close) and florence fennel (far); then onions; and lastly carrots.  I can see them when I get close and I'll take another photograph when they get a bit bigger.

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melzy said...

I still can't tell which ones are hens. If any of them start to crow, they'll be soup! - thats awsome!!!! lol one chook looks like a poser for camera! so cute!
nice one this is cool may teach me a thing or 2 lol