Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tuesday, lunchtime.

I keep adding the time for these blogs in the title because I can't seem to change the time that is in the system and I hate being a day late most of the time.  It's the same on facebook... if you wait until fb reminds you to wish someone a happy birthday,  you'll be a whole day late.

There was another 3.5mm of rain overnight,  but the sun is shining now.   Not the bright and hot sunshine that we are used to, but it is shining.  The kale in the picture still has drops on it.  I really like the colour combination in the leaves of this kind of kale.  If you click on it and make it bigger the purple shows up more acurately, or at least it does on my computer.  Green and purple are the colours chosen by the women's suffrage movement.  I wonder why.

Here is the chook yard again.  This is the one that I think is certain to be soup.  He seems to have a spectacular tail and it is looking decidedly green.  Notice the one next to him with the funny hairdo...  not the same kind of tail at all.  He hasn't crowed or got agro yet, but I think he might be on borrowed time.  But if you keep chickens, you really do have to deal with this aspect of real life also.

Sunshine again... shining through the kitchen window and into my evil eye.  In the summertime we get so blaze about the sun, but it seems to be more precious in winter.  The evil eye is a reminder of Woodford.  I love that ultramarine colour and it matches my window frame.  Outside is a messy collection of polystyrene boxes.  I use these for starting seeds off or even growing leafy stuff in the back verandah in very hot or very cold weather.  

Update from yesterday (picture below)...  in the very front is the mustard that came up with the rain.  There is even more now if that is possible.  For those of you who know my yard,  that is the tree that is carved into a seat behind the little patch of green and the leafy green shade is produced by branches sprouting from the chair itself.  I don't need an umbrella, though it does need some trimming to keep it under control.  It will be firewood and kindling for the stove very soon.  The table is for my wine glass.  This is a good spot for reading in warm weather.

I walked around the whole yard this morning to see what the rain had done.  There are autumn crocuses flowering, but the best thing is this bay leaf tree.  It will survive.  There is enough green left.  The brown bits on the leaves were caused by a couple of weeks of 45 degree weather a couple of months ago.  The leaves were crispy and cooked, but still greenish for a few days.  Then they mostly went brown, and I wasn't sure how the whole plant would go.  The rain has turned it very green (in parts) and I'm sure it will live.

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