Wednesday, 29 April 2009


This morning I went out to see how those little mustard plants are growing.  they are still thick and like a green carpet on that little patch of garden.  The cumin seeds are up too,  I think. It's hard to tell.  They are still few and far between, and very small.
As I tried to photograph that little patch,  I was covered in biting ants.  There were a lot with wings.  That is supposed to mean that we will have rain.  According to the Herald (local free newspaper) Kapunda has had 46mm over the past seven days.  There might be more to come, if the ants are correct.

Self sewn coriander right beside a cauliflower plant should produce before the tiny plants that I photographed yesterday.  

I went out to see how the olive tree near the gate is going.  The olives have been looking better and better by the day.  I've run out of those that I had preserved last time.  This jar (below) contains those that I could reach this morning. 
There is another olive tree on the other side of the yard, and that is loaded. The olives there aren't as ripe as these though.  They are small too.  I will preserve them in two different batches this time (instead of mixing them) so that I can tell which tree has the best olives.  I suppose that's how people bred the various olive vareties that we have now.  None of these are fancy ones,  just feral.  One of the trees that I collected olives from last time doesn't have any at all this year.  These trees seem to be quite idiosyncratic.
There's not much of those last few garlic cloves hanging there now either.  I'll have to start buying it again!  It's time to plant some anyway.  I plant it near the shortest day of  the year (June) and pull it out at the longest day of the year (December.) 

Beside the olive tree, and under a huge red gum, is a saltbush patch that has been flowering profusely for weeks.  Now it is loaded with fruit.  These are quite tiny.  Each berry is only a couple of mm across, but a handful of them are quite sweet.  I like them.  The birds like these too.  They remind me of tiny bunches of red currants, though they are smaller.

It must be close to winter.  The wattle is flowering.  I smelled it as I picked the olives but I had to hunt around amongst the unopened buds for this little bunch of flowers.  

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the garden updates.
Love Louise
you'll need to post some recipes soon.