Thursday, 21 May 2009


A quick trip to Adelaide today...
Groceries at Garganos's (those things  that I can't buy in Kapunda) then on to IKEA.  I have a spare bedroom that will be occupied this weekend.  The spare bedroom was Chris's until Christmas time, and when he left, he took "his" doona with him.  Until now, visiting people have been warm enough,  but as the winter approaches, we definitely need some warmer bedding.  Hence the doona, and the trip to IKEA.
Next, on to visit Auntie Rita... she had her 89th birthday last Tuesday, two days ago.  It was good to hear about the olden days from a different perspective.  
Lastly, a trip to the art shop for some new brushes.  I have some painting to do.  I would like to have some SALA art work for the gallery in Burra.
No exciting photos today,  so here are a couple of drawings of some peppers from January last year.  These are from my sketchbook.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Love the peppers...what did Rita have to say?