Monday, 25 May 2009

After the council committee meeting

Today I spent the morning weeding the garden.  We had had 10mm of rain overnight and it was perfect for getting winter weeds out of the vegetable patch.  There is winter grass all over the rest of the yard,  but more of that later.
On the way home from Freeling,  the clouds were beautiful.
There are lambs everywhere and paddocks seeded or ready to go.  When I get to drive around our council district for one reason or another,  I often think about the people who pay to come and do just that.
Home again and the sun was getting low.  Beautiful clouds though.
This (below) is the garden that I weeded today.  In the from are cabbages and cauliflowers, then silver beet, leeks, more cauliflower and cabbages that are further down the track.  Then broccoli, beets and kale, and if you look carefully,  you can see the red flowering broad beans that I have mentioned previously.  It might not look like much, but the chickens loved the weeds and it looks so much better.  The earth worms are all over the place too.  I had been worried about them after such a hot summer, and I hadn't put enough mulch on that patch to keep it cool...  but they are back and they are the best indication that the soil is doing ok.  When you're gardening you need to think about keeping the soil "alive" and that's why you can't use a lot of chemicals, including glyphosate, despite what Monsanto says.


Ju said...

your blog is beautiful x

Jane said...

Thank you.