Saturday, 23 May 2009

Cloudy morning.

It feels warm and damp outside.  The washing will dry but it looks as though it could rain again tonight or tomorrow.  We've had a little bit of rain this month, but no decent falls since the middle of April.  Looking at the winter grass sprouting in the pathways though, its enough to grow the weeds!  
I have finally planted the fig tree.  One of the chickens died, and so she is buried under the tree, and quite near to the chook's house...  behind the tree is the patch where onions and coriander is planted (broad beans on the left too) then the potato ditch and the artichokes and the chickens.  I hope the buried chicken produces nice figs.

The tree  is planted with a plastic bottle buried upside down beside it also so that it will be easier to water next summer...  it will get the water down into the soil while the tree is young. It's better to use aggie pipe that has holes all along it,  but I haven't any here at the moment, and the coke bottle was the next best thing.   There is a moat around the little tree too, ready for hand watering next summer. 

I saw some aphids on two plants today too.  This is a cauliflower plant (below.) There is a cabbage plant (nowhere near this one) that has some on it also.  I don't usually get many aphids,  but at this time of year there are less predators around.  I'll wash these off with some soapy water today.  I use velvet soap because I can't get the "Safer" brand, potassium based solution here.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Damn aphids...i've been seeing a lot of ladybugs lately, each one makes me smile. We get aphids on our artichokes. The ants are farming them I think. They don't seem to bother the artichokes much though.