Saturday, 30 May 2009

Cold Saturday

This morning I went to the market at Angaston before breakfast. There was a frost (it is only May!) and it hasn't warmed up much since... according to the Roseworthy (nearest) weather observations,  it did get over 16 deg C.... maybe!!!  The market is really great.
Beryl and I went together in her car. (I drove.)  It's about 20 minutes away. 

And so I am doing some preserving... more quinces, and preparing a chicken for dumplings tomorrow. I also bought two big fresh squids, and we will have squid for dinner tonight with some left over for the freezer.  

The orange pot in the picture (below) is the preserving pan, the silver pot contains the chicken and notice that Jess has her usual spot!  I'll add the recipe for chicken with dumplings tomorrow.
Here is the equipment and ingredients for preserving the quinces. 
I have just received this cutting from my "Fowler's Vacola" recipe book (via email from john who has a scanner!)  so that you can see the original instructions.
 Seven jars fit into the big orange pot,  so that is how many I prepare at one time. The lids are completely re-usable, and the rubber rings last for quite a while.  There are metal clips that hold the lids on while they are boiling,  though I take those off once the jars are cool.
Here (below) you can see the jars in the boiling water bath (with clips,)  and the thermometer that took about an hour to get to 200 deg F.  (My vacola thermometer has both Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees,  but my old recipe book (circa 1950) has everything in Fahrenheit, so it's just as well that I'm bilingual.  Sorry about the blurry photograph, but it is a bit over 200 there.
Below are the ingredients for cooking the chicken.  I'll describe it all tomorrow when I make the chicken and dumplings, as it takes two days to make this dish, though not all of it actually doing much!  Right now the cooked chicken is sitting quietly on the kitchen bench until tomorrow.
And here it is.  The chicken is in there, cooked,  but I can't look at it yet.... more tomorrow.

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