Monday, 25 May 2009

Late at night

I have been in the studio painting,  but finding it frustrating.  I am determined to find the time and place to make some more paintings though.  I have been otherwise occupied since spending so much time on local government issues, and while that is well worthwhile also,  it is hard to find the time for everything else.
One photo that I didn't put on this blog this afternoon is this first one... it shows the winter grass around the clothes line.  I need to get out and dig it all up before is gets tall, and before it goes to seed.  I don't have a mower,  so I cut it with a dutch hoe and give it to the chickens.  I've done the pathways near the vegetable garden, and this patch is less of an issue,  but has to be done before harvest time.  The wattle tree in the background is just beautiful... perfumed and spectacular... pity about the winter grass.
I have preserved some quinces (below) that I found at the swap meet on Sunday.  The swap meet was in Kapunda,  mostly car parts, tools and a lot of junque,  but then there were these quinces.  I bought a whole carton for $5 and this is not even half of them.  My quince tree is still small so I look for such fruits where I can.  These are preserved in a light (about 3 pounds of sugar to 3.5 litres of water)  syrup, and are one of our favourites.  The fruit is yellow skinned and pale yellow on the inside,  but turns pink and aromatic (like perfume) once processed in the vacola thing.  When I process other fruits, I add cardamom, cinnamon or cloves (depending on the fruit) but with quinces... nothing... they are magnificent without anything.  The best thing is that they are quite unpopular here and so always very inexpensive.  
It is after 10 o'clock at night... past my bedtime....
My clock (above) is a papier mache representation of Ediacara fossils from the Flinders Ranges (SA) made by a local artist.  My kitchen clock!  And it is 15 minutes later that that now!!!!

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