Monday, 4 May 2009


Today I was showing someone my garden and the plants that are getting ready to go into it. Here is a polystyrene box (from the fruit shop) with 26 newspaper pots, each with a beetroot seed about to pop out of the soil.  The pots are each made from a single sheet of newspaper folded (origami style) until you end up with square pots that fit into the insulated box...  much less expensive than the peat pots and heated base that you can buy.  I use soil from the garden that they'll go into later.  The folding design is shown here...
And here are some beetroot that are transplanted into the garden though they didn't realise that they'd moved at all.  You can see the remains of the newspaper pots near the plants.  I gave them a dose of trace elements also.  I know that they need boron to make bulbs here, but it makes me wonder what else might be missing.  I suppose it's like taking a multi-vitamin instead of just one kind when your diet is lacking in something.  If one is lacking,  it's likely that they all are, so a multi-vitamin probably helps make up for all of the wrong dietary choices.
The leafy green stuff from the garden looks a little the worse for wear after we had chicken with an assortment of leafy greens (including broad bean tops and undersized silver beet leaves.)    It all tasted good.  
Tonight's dinner might be a broad bean risotto with last year's frozen beans and some herbs.

And here is the latest picture of the fast maturing five month old rooster...  still hasn't crowed though.... 

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