Sunday, 24 May 2009

My old stove is home again!

First of all, here is the cauliflower plant that had the aphids on it.  I made some soapy water and washed them off with it.  There are none there now,  but I'll keep an eye on this one.  I did a couple of other plants at the same time, and I'll be checking them also.
Last night we had 2mm of rain overnight, but none since.  The sun is shining right now,  though we were promised some more rain.  I won't hold my breath.
Here is my old stove that has been repaired and cleaned up.  Notice the brand new stainless steel bolts instead of the old steel ones.  It looks like a new stove.
This part is really new.  The oven is now made of stainless steel instead of the thin sheet stuff that had rusted through.  There are also two new stainless steel oven trays, and more shiny stainless screws.
This is the back of the stove (below.)  It looks quite new and shiny, but once it is installed,  no one will ever see it again... this part anyway.  
I now need to find some old clay fired bricks to build the base for it to sit on.  (I had had to get it jack-hammered out to fit the modern stove in.)  I am really looking forward to having my good stove back in its place.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

It looks better than ever!!!

I'll be over friday for a pizza.
Love Louise

John L said...

Me too.

Jane said...

Pizza Friday it is.