Wednesday, 27 May 2009


We have had another 2mm of rain.
First of all... this is the bottle that is in place to water the baby fig tree next summer.  Look carefully and you'll see the spider that fell in there overnight.  I've put a piece of wood in there now... so that he/she can use it as a ladder to climb out.
These are the broad beans that I planted some time ago.  After all of this rain,   they have grown heaps.  These look fairly healthy and should be our main supply of beans this year.
And here are the few red flowering ones.  I had 12 seeds,  and only six of them germinated.  Not only that but they have formed skinny little plants that are flowering aready.  I think the seed that I saved from last year (the black and white flowering ones above) are much more vigorous.
The flowers are beautiful...  I might save some seeds eventually so that I can see whether they do better from "local seed."    I will alseo keep in mind that I bought the seeds "on special" at a garden show.   It may be that the vendor was getting rid of old seeds.


Anonymous said...

The spider in the jar looks like a male mouse spider [red head/jaws] with enormous fangs [on both sexes].

They're a burrowing spider and the males come out after rain looking for females.

They rear up like a funnel-web and their venom can be very toxic [sometimes funnel-web antivenene is needed].

Jane said...

Thankyou for that, Gumpa. Your description is pretty good.... especially considering the fuzzy photo!

These are burrowing spiders. I often find them when I'm digging in the garden... they seem to be in quite deep burrows, though without a "trapdoor" arrangement.
There is another kind also... the others are pretty much grey and a bit furry rather than shiny and red.

There are always a lot of burrowing spiders at this time of the year. If you're outside at night they can be all over the place, especially when it's cold... probably dewey also.

I have never been bitten. I do give them a wide berth though. I'm hoping that they eat earwigs.