Thursday, 28 May 2009

Soup for tea

Tonight we are having soup for tea.  Here it is cooking on the "new" stove with Jess sitting right beside it.
The soup is made from $2.00 worth of bacon bones, a "soup mix" packet from the supermarket (contains dried peas, barley and an assortment of lentils that add up to 500g) and an assortment of vegetables.  I use one big onion, two big potatoes, two swedes (rutabagas) two big carrots, a few pieces of celery and half way through I add some shredded silver beet (swiss chard.)    The whole lot is boiled for several hours.  If you aren't home all day, then you can boil it one evening when you're home, turn it off when you go to bed and reheat it (already cooked) next day... that seems to make it even better.   I sometimes add the remains of a jar of preserved tomatoes if they're already opened... I can imagine adding left over spaghetti sauce or even noodles if they were available.
The amount of water is pretty vague,  but fill the biggest saucepan that  you have (this saucepan is my "spaghetti pot" with the strainer part left out) to within an inch or so of the top... at least 2 to 3 litres...  and stir the whole thing with a wooden spoon every 20 to 30 minutes to make sure that the lentils aren't settling and sticking to the bottom.  Once it gets thicker that seems to be less of an issue,  but at first, just keep an eye on it.  When it is thick and well cooked,  you can take the bacon bones out and pick the bones clean, adding the meat back to the soup.  Jess gets the bones here.  
This is one of the best meals to freeze if you have too much for the meal.  It is an easy way to have an icecream container of soup in the freezer part of the fridge.  Soup doesn't mind how "badly" it is reheated either.  No care required... and another easy meal.

I know that uncooked bones are best for dogs,  but this is less a matter of nutrition than a special treat... bones with a bit of flavour attached.  Jess loves them.  Chocko is lucky to get  a look in!

I don't do formal recipes, but I think I'll start explaining how I make some of our food... after a number of questions about such things....  next will be chicken and dumplings...  and bread.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

i love the chicken and dumplings!

Jane said...

I suppose you could make it with roosters.