Thursday, 7 May 2009

Thursday and it's cold outside.

The two inches of rain that we had two weeks ago (the first rain for about five months) was wonderful, but we haven't had any more since and the garden is looking rather dry be now.
The garden that is right down the back has seeds that were sown, waiting for the promised rain earlier this week, but none fell.
Today I decided that I needed to at least keep the soil damp with water from the tank.  
Here is the hose running water into the potato ditch.
I went ahead and bucketed water onto a lot of the seeded spots too (the hose wouldn't reach any further.) 
 The fig tree leaves are turning yellow (autumn is here) and it will go into the ground on the weekend.  
I watered each of the artichokes also.  They are very hardy,  and probably don't really need it for survival though hopefully we'll get bigger and better artichoke flowers.
A wattle bird in the gum tree.  These birds sound raucus, but friendly.  We have a lot of them here, along with quite a lot of other species.

I came back inside by the fire and this pile of books was waiting on the kitchen table.  It's warm by the fire and I will read until it is time to prepare dinner.  

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