Tuesday, 5 May 2009


The back garden (the one in the header)
I have weeded, cleaned up the debris from the summer, found all of the artichokes and planted the seeds that were due to go in here.  The hose won't reach this part of the yard, so I wait for rain and who knows when that will be!  The fig tree is still in its blue bucket, but that will be put into the ground after pay day (Thursday) because I need more gypsum for the clay in this hole.
Turning around from the spot that I took the above photo, is this view.  All of those trees grow in the front yard, on my block.  I take them for granted sometimes, but they are beautiful trees.
This is the fruit on the olive tree that I have been waiting to ripen a bit more.  They are only "feral" olives,  but they taste good when preserved.  
There are about five or six oldish olive trees in the yard,  and in different years, different ones produce more or less olives.  This year, this is the one that is loaded and leaning down as the fruit ripens.  I'll collect these soon.

Rue (below).  This is one of my favourite herbs.  I like the bluish colour of the leaves and the wierd little yellow flowers that seem to attract flies of all sorts.  I even like the smell.  It isn't the usual medicinal or flowery smell and may well be an acquired preference,  but when I brush past on my way to the winter vegetables,  I enjoy the whiff of rue that rises instantly.  This plant grows among other herbs... several different lavenders, rosemary, sage, and lemon verbena... all of the strong perfumed leaves, but rue can overpower all of them.  
There was a hyssop plant there too,  but I am doubtful that it has made it through the summer heat, despite the mulch and water that I carried to it. 

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