Tuesday, 12 May 2009


The garden is growing more slowly now.  We are having cold nights and short days that don't warm up much even if the sun is shining.  It was down to 5degC overnight and  it's up to 17 now... 20 yesterday.
The garden actually looks productive and we have plenty of green leafy vegetables.  The photograph below shows the biggest broccoli plants in front,  cabbages and cauliflowers behind and over there in the sun,  more and more brassicas.  In the distance the wattle tree is looking spectacular at the moment.
Here is the first baby broccoli flower forming.  It will be a while yet,  but just seeing this little one forming is exciting.  It is amazing what one can get excited over in the vegetable garden!
Now down to the back garden...  still nothing showing in the potato trench, or the rows of other seeds that I planted last week...  except for these artichokes.  I had put stakes near each plant that I found as I cleaned up the patch last week (so that I wouldn't dig them up as I removed the weeds) and now I have some artichoke shoots growing daily.  They won't produce until the spring,  but there should be plenty.
This is the source of the perfume outside the back door.   The jasmine has been flowering non-stop for months.

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