Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wednesday afternoon

Before I left this morning I took a photograph of the olives soaking in their solution of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda.)   They looked rather strange suspended in that mixture... by this afternoon, they have all sunk and the solution is quite dark.  
Then off to Kadina...   Gary picked up three of us in Kapunda and we set off on the Tarlee road. At Tarlee, instead of turning north, Gary decided to drive (via a dirt road) through Owen because of trucks on the Main North Road.  I gather that he doesn't like having to pass trucks.
The first obstacle was a flock of sheep with an assortment of lambs all with tails and a few with the umbilical chord still attached.  A bit of lost time,  but we soon got off along the road again.
Next some wierd noises from the back of the car and Gary pulled off pretty quickly.  It was a flat tyre.  Gary and Ian dealt with that while I picked up fire wood.  Someone had trimmed the mallee trees on the side of the road and left some really good fire wood logs where they fell.  I collected those and once the car was ready to go,  I popped them into the boot.
Then on to Kadina.  We were passed by a fire truck that was obviously on the way to something important.  A few more miles up the road, on the first hill of the hummocks,  there were ambulances, fire trucks and police at an accident.  That made three interruptions and things do happen in threes,  don't they.
The meeting in Kadina was good.  It was an opportunity to meet with the York Peninsula staff and put faces to the names that we had heard about and to see the Kadina office.
Then on to lunch.  Gary took the car to arrange for new tyres, and several of us walked to the pub.  
On the way,  I saw this building and I liked the signwriting,  but also the colour of the ultramarine blue wall... anyone who has seen my kitchen will realise that I like that colour.
And here is the pub (below) where we had lunch.  Pretty ordinary looking,  but good food.
The drive home was quicker and with no obstacles.   There were a few showers of rain on the way.  I phoned home to see whether we had had any... only about 1mm :-(   
 After a stop in Auburn for coffee, the next stop was at my own house.  The firewood is still by the gate.  The fire is alight and the washing is airing near the fire.

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