Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday, a quiet day at home

I have put one picture on the blog today.  It is either really pitiful or absolute luxury, depending on your view of the world.  
It is cold and miserable outside,  cloudy but no rain (!)  I can't get enthusiastic about any household tasks,  but I think that has something to do with the decreasing daylight hours. Increasing daylight hours do the opposite and I think that's why we have "Spring cleaning". Right now we have "Autumn non-cleaning"
The picture shows the fire in the kitchen (still waiting for my old stove)...  soup pot bubbling, my knitting (socks for Louise) on my chair and the dog asleep where my feet were...  sorry about the ash and such on the floor, but remember that cleaning is not happening.
In fact this is the perfect way to spend a cold and cloudy day as far as I'm concerned so I see it as luxury.

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