Tuesday, 12 May 2009


The wattle is well and truly out and here is more to come.  Every cluster of flowers still has plenty of buds as well.
Wattle trees make good fire wood too.  Andrew cut this dead tree down and it's slowly getting cut into fireplace sized pieces.  There is plenty of kindling also.
Right beside the chainsaw  I found this feather.  It looks like a pigeon feather.  I hope it isn't that common bronzewing that I saw the other day.  I saw a hawk yesterday too.  The photo of that hawk that I took isn't very good.  The reason that I noticed the hawk was because there were no honeyeaters or even spoggies in the yard.  They aren't silly.
Here are the helpers in the garden.  This is the second beehive with plenty of little workers.  this hive is the one with the most aggressive bees.  I always give it a wide berth.  They do help with fruit and veggetable production though
Today I will be going to Kadina for a meeting.  I'lll take my knitting in the car (I won't be driving) and hopefully I'll get quite a bit done.  


Jane said...

This is crazy. I have just uploaded this blog after eight o'clock on Wednesday morning and it is still telling me that it is Monday. It's bad enough to be one day out all of the time, but two days!!!

Jane said...

I have changed my mind about the feather.
It might be from a black-faced cuckoo-shrike. I have seen the first one for this season.