Thursday, 4 June 2009

Chicken noodle soup with spatzle noodles

I began with a blog about my garden, but it is becoming more and more a "cooking blog" but then, I suppose that that is where dinner comes from.   Garden, stove, table...  
And so here is the remains of the stock from the chicken that I cooked a few days ago for "chicken and dumplings".  I kept about a quarter of the stock and the meat for the purpose...
and this is the stock, with added chinese broccoli stalks and some preserved tomatoes from last summer (a small jar, but plenty for this.)
Here it is....
My soup noodles are made using a spatzle noodle (spelled spaetzle in some north american references) machine.  There should be an umlaut over the 'a' but I can't do that in this format.
Below is a photograph of my spatzle machine that was given to me by Vicki. (Thankyou so much Vicki!)   It is wonderful.  You can always add noodles instantly to any dish.  (I have some recipes if you can't find them.)
Anyway, here is the machine....  and it is wonderful.
(How come they can get the umlaut and I can't!)
Here is what the bottom of the cylinder looks like... holes to extrude the dough through...  simple idea, but so practical.  
I mixed a very simple dough from eggs (from the chickens) and flour with a pinch of salt.  You ahve to make sure that it's pretty runny (compared with a dough that you'd use to make noodles in a pasta machine which I also do on occasion.  The mushy dough is in the machine here....
And squashed out through the holes in the bottom of the cylinder straight into the soup...
These noodles cook very quickly... and here they are...chicken noodle soup.
After the noodles were cooked,  I added the leafy parts of the chinese broccoli, reserving the flowers, stirred it all through, and here it is.   This was John's particular plate...
You'll notice the white flowers on top of the dish... these were the flowers that I photographed earlier in the day (previous post) and added at the table as the rest of the stalks were in the soup!  If we were in a formal city restaurant,  this would be trendy! 


John L said...

Trendy anyway.

Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

so trendy, i need to find one of those noodle press things, looks super easy compared to the rolled ones. What's the noodle recipe?

Jane said...

The recipe is more of a proportion thing... this is the recipe that Vicki (from the jampot) gave me with the press, hence the large amount. Yesterday I used about 1 cup of flour and 2 eggs (we have lots) and very little water. (I rarely stick to the recipe!)
4 cups flour
5 eggs (room temperature)
250 mls fluid (blended vegetables, fruit or veg juice, or water)
pinch of salt

Mix it all and leave it to sit for a little while. Put spoonfuls into the press and drop it straight into boiling water (or soup.)
Take them out when they rise to the top... or serve the soup!
These noodles can be used immediately or reheated later. They can also be frozen.