Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Chickens in the freezer

I caught the roosters late last night (in the dark) and they went off to Kapowie (the local chicken "processing" place.)  It's just 5km away, so I dropped them off and came back several hours later.  It cost $2 per rooster.  They are various sizes, but will make soup or the dumpling dinner later in the winter when the electricity bill is higher and they are more anonymous.
While I was there,  there were several people who had raised various organic chickens for sale, but apparently they have had to drive from all over the place to have their poultry "processed." One woman had driven from Willunga, south of Adelaide... about two hours drive... and then she waited for several hours to collect the chickens.  I think she must sell them at the market there.
I didn't realise how lucky we are.  Apparently the bigger "processors" won't deal with the odd rooster or small producers.  I know that one can kill them and clean them oneself,  but for two dollars each, even the trouble isn't worth it,   let alone the nasty job.  I thanked the woman very much and pointed out that the job that the workers there do is very much appreciated.
Usually, such processes are so anonymous that I don't think that many people even consider just what is involved. 

Meanwhile, we have found the source of the leak that causes the pump to run at night.  It is a tiny leak in the seal in the toilet cistern.  Now, I have seen leaking washers before, and fixed them,  but this is such a slight leak that we didn't even notice it before... there's no telltale little trickle of water or hissing noise... just the tiniest little almost invisible stream of water...  and so we turned the tap to the cistern off last night, and that solves the problem.  It isn't hard to fix, but I wonder how many other people have tiny leaks that they never notice.  
As Ricardo added to my facebook status when I mentioned being "off the water grid"... it makes you appreciate the value of it!  It certainly does.  Perhaps town meters should have some sound or signal inside the house, though I still think the lack of needing to take responsibility for collecting the water might make this futile.

Tonight we should have a quiet pump and no roosters crowing from 3 in the morning (the moon is still bright) and so a good night's sleep.

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