Saturday, 13 June 2009

Climate emergency rally

It is the day of the climate emergency and the rally in all capital cities....
I got up early, organised everything that I needed to here, drove to Gawler and then caught the train to Adelaide.  It's a long trip,  but I did do some  knitting of socks ( Louise P's are nearly finished) on the way.
From the train station,  I walked to Victoria Square (a bit over half a mile) where the rally against global warming was due to begin.
It was cold and threatening to rain,  but there were a lot of people there.
The polar bear is a good friend of mine,  and while I don't usually like polar bears (after some summers in a tent in Labrador)  I understand her good intentions.  (Hi Louise R.)
Loiterers included the police... discussing how to deal with us, I suppose....  or am I thinking back to the sixties!
Here are some of the younger people.  The young woman in the middle (whose name escapes me) spoke to the crowd.  She is 15 years old and will be a political force to be reckoned with in the long run!  The drummer was a great help to the march....
.... as you can see here (North Terrace)....
.... and here are his friends....
On the march via King William St,  North Terrace and East terrace... to Rymill Park... drummers were drumming,  shouters were shouting and all were marching.  
One woman, even older than me,  asked if I would take her placard as she had a broken rib and didn't think she'd make it to the end of the march.  She was unhappy at dropping out,  but couldn't make it past the King William St / North Tce corner.  She hoped she would be back for the next march.
Then on to Rymill Park, speeches and music.  I caught up with  a few friends, but left fairly early to get a ride to the train and the hour long trip to the end of the train line and the half hour drive to Kapunda.  
I have had a few questions about why I would bother to spend a day at this instead of something more rewarding....  there is a CLIMATE EMERGENCY, and while I think that I will probably die before it becomes a life threatening issue,  I don't think that this is the case for my children and grandchildren.  There is a window of opportunity to make a significant difference, and I hope that I can influence enough people to make a difference.  I do what I can.
Now to something more beautiful...  
....this is my kitchen clock.  It is made by an artist (Geraldine Krieg) from Pt Lincoln who was so moved by the Ediacaran fossils in the Flinders Ranges of SA that she made a series of artworks with designs from these fossils as inspiration.   I love my papier mache clock!  How beautiful is this!  Life's good.

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