Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Cold and windy outside

It's a cold and windy day (the Roseworthy data says 13.9 degrees) but with the promise of rain,  I'll manage though  I really hate cold weather.  
Roseworthy is the closest weather station to us...
I have been out and about and, having not planted anything for more that a week,  I put some green pea seeds in the spot that I had removed the cauliflowers from yesterday. (Two of those are in the freezer.)  I have covered the peas with wire so that the blackbirds can't get them, and they are nice and wet.  At this temperature, they'll take a while to come up,  but I'll check them regularly.
After the rocket photos that I'd posted yesterday, I realised that I hadn't shown the leafy parts at all.  This is what we eat, but they grow wild now, so I don't think of them as "garden vegetables"  really.   They are good though.
I also found some dark centred calendula that I had ben looking for yesterday.  I like these flowers very much, but they don't seem to be as vigorous as the all-yellow ones.   I always save the seeds from these and put them in the most advantageous places, where they are most likely to succeed. 
I went on to pull some weeds from one of the vegetable patches... and I found this funny sour sob leaf (below).  There is one normal leaf and the funny one (same plant) showing here.  The little lobes of the leaves look a lot like horse shoes.  (Small things amuse small minds!)
The picture below shows a patch of broad beans growing near the back fence,  beyond the neat rows that I have planted and photographed before.   This is where I threw the last of the seeds from the jar after planting.  I won't be staking them or caring for them or anything,  but I'll harvest any beans that they produce!
This is yet another cauliflower that is growing rapidly.   This is the plant that I photographed a few weeks ago with a nice crop of aphids on it.  I poured the soapy dishwashing water (yellow bar of laundry soap) over them for a few days and this is the result.  Another cauliflower.... without aphids.

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