Sunday, 14 June 2009


This is becoming a diary of rainfall in Kapunda.  Only natural in the driest state on the driest continent.  Now that I'm off the water grid, it certainly focusses the mind on precipitation.
I just went out to check the vegetable patch this morning... in the drizzle... and found the cabbages and cauliflowers all significantly larger than before (I did miss a day yesterday when I went to the climate emergency rally.)  
There are also the first flowers on the broad bean plants that are near the house.  They are the black and white flowering kind.  The photograph looks a little bit fuzzy because the camera insists on focussing on the leafy bits instead of the little flower.  It seems to think for itself.
I went to see what was happening right down in the back yard, to find the onions looking near thinning time and the coriander finally looking  like little coriander plants are supposed to...  I weeded them (took all of the little stinging nettles out) a couple of days ago,  and the lack of competition must be helping.
Then I found another mystery...  these are kurrajong leaves... about half a dozen twigs in a little pile.This pile of leaves were under a pepper tree.  They are a long way from any kurrajong tree, and the only way that they could have got there is to be carried by a bird.  It is near where I saw the pair of bronzewings a couple of weeks ago.  I can't see any signs of a nest, but I'll be checking regularly.

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