Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Eggs and baby vegetables

It's another cold damp day... but I was out checking the garden as usual, and found a few bits and pieces.  This picture is from right down the backyard... near the artichokes.   The onions haven't been thinned here yet, not quite ready. Then the coriander that is actually looking different from the weeds,  and the  broad beans are doing really well.
These chickens were watching me while I photographed the little plants.   The reason that they watched me is that I usually throw some weeds to them while I'm there... they're not silly.  The three closest ones are all young ones the black one behind was one of the incubators.
Eggs!  These are all funny little ones... presumably from the learners!   It is almost the shortest day of the year.  Once we get past there,  they'll all get back to it!  I think it's the increasing day length that must get them going again.  
Those onion babies are what is left from the "thinnings" recently.  John planted some of them elsewhere, but these might make it into dinner tonight.
This is my favourite of the "babies" though she's not a baby any more.  She's very friendly.

I think these broad bean flowers are lovely.  They will flower for months,  though there won't be any beans until the weather gets warm enough for the fruit to set.

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