Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Grey day in Kapunda

Overnight we have had 21mm of rain.  The "house" tank is overflowing again, and the two by the back fence are each two thirds full.  The sky is grey, the wind is cold and it's much nicer by the fire in the kitchen.
I've been out to check on all of the garden patches.  Gardening is so easy when you don't have to manage the watering.  Watering is illegal most of the time.  We are allowed to water with a hand held hose (with a shut off valve) from 6am to 9am on Wednesdays and/or Sundays, for a total of three hours per week.  It's wonderful to have water falling from the sky!
I give the stinging nettle fertiliser a stir everytime I pass by.  The stick is an old tomato stake that has seen better days,  and all I do is stir and watch the frothy bubbles rise from the deep! By next week it should be smelly and ready to dilute for the garden.
  The cauliflowers (below) are quite spectacular at the moment.  I have about 6 or 7 that are just beginning to grow fatter.  There are more further down the yard that will be ready later, but these first ones are looking good, currently about 10cm across.
I like really fresh cauliflower.  It is like other vegetables....  so much nicer within minutes of being picked.  It is really good fried with tumeric, mustard seeds and greens or added to kichadee.
Once they start to grow,  it all happens very quickly.  As soon as I can see them without poking around in amongst the leaves,  I fold a couple of big leaves over them and hold them with a clothes peg, see below, that is the same one, covered.  That stops them going yellow in the sun, not that I need to worry about that today!
I'll soon be freezing some of these.  
Here is the broccoli that I cut off last week (below) and it is already beginning to produce larger side shoots...  a whole lot more food, and just as good as the first bits, even better for stirfrying, in fact!

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