Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Growing grain

Last year I grew some grain... wheat, and it actually produced quite a good crop for a small area,  however, as soon as it was ripe,  the birds were unbelievable... I don't think they missed a grain,  and all within about 20 minutes.  That's spoggies for you!
I have a new plan.
The roosters have gone to the "processor' and the aviary is empty.  It is quite close to the house and has a large area of ordianry Kapunda soil  (meaning clayish soil.) I have started digging and turning over any weeds that the rooster didn't eat.
It's about half done.  most of the weeds are stinging nettles.  There has usually been a crop of rocket (arugula) in there in past years, however the only rocket plants are in spots where the rooster couldn't get to them... I presume that roosters eat rocket seed.
I have turned over the weeds in the clay soil.  Once I have completed the patch,  I will spread gypsum over all...
The stinging nettles are growing thickly... but they will make good soil in the end. (Look at whatever you have as a resource.)
This is as far as I have reached.... the fork, the gypsum and more weeds....
Once the area is prepared,  I will plant some wheat (for sure) and perhaps some lentils....  just to see how each crop might fare.  Can't wait!  I'll keep you posted.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

I've heard that quinoa is an great grain to grow the sparrows would be drooling through the bars.

Jane said...

I can't wait to try a few things... barley is supposed to be the easiest!