Monday, 8 June 2009

Long weekend

I spent much of yesterday (Sunday) at the craft shop.  I spend one day each month there, and yesterday was "my" day.  I sold about $150's worth of items including sewn or knitted things, baked goods and chutney and jams.  
I sometimes sell eggs there whenever I have too many, and I have sold other things also.  I usually sell enough from a batch of jam, for example, to pay for the sugar...  hence my jam is "free",  being cooked on a woodstove and usually using fruit that I get for free also.  
I have also sold clothing,  but the prices that people expect to pay make that unprofitable... chinese imports are actually cheaper than the fabric!
It is interesting to see who shops there.  Local people regularly buy food here...  they know who made the food and what's in it,  and the general perception is that it's better value than the supermarket.  Then there are the tourists, some of whom discover the shop in passing, but a number make an effort to travel via Kapunda to pick up particular specialities.  One man yesterday had made a special trip to buy several big jars of chutneys, a "casserole carrier", and three pot holders.  He was so joyful at finding exactly what he wanted (he'd been here before) it makes the job seem worthwhile.
Here are some of the arty crafty items...
...and some jams and chutneys.
And so I spent the day, from ten in the morning until about half past three in the afternoon.
(added later...  I unpacked the knitting basket from the craft shop trip yesterday, and realised that I didn't have to wash my lunch box... it is quite clean.   I folded the waxed paper and put it back in the box for next time...
It occurred to me that no one does this any more.  When I was at school, everyone used to fold the paper that their sandwiches were wrapped in, and eventually get a new piece of "lunchwrap" each week or so.  There is definitely a very different attitude to resources and waste nowadays.)
On the way home,  I called in to visit my mother who turned 87 yesterday.  I brought flowers and a bottle of wine.  She had been sick enough that we'd had to abandon the dinner out and the weekend socialising, but the wine was good and I caught up on the family gossip.  The weekend event will have to wait for a few weeks until we can get the participants together again.

Today it is wet outside.  We had 11mm of rain overnight and I can  still hear it trickling into the tank that is near to the house.  The pump is switching on too often though.  I have an awful suspicion that we must have  leak... probably small, but a leak, nevertheless.   My plumber is away on holidays (Sydney) for a week.  I'll call him next week.  Meanwhile,  I turn off the water overnight, each night, and turn it on again in the morning.  The leak is not in the new plumbing as turning off the valve in the back verandah fixes the problem.  It must be somewhere in the house!  I wonder how long it has been leaking?  and how much water has been wasted?  and where it is going? the meter didn't move when a tap was turned off...  it must have been very slow! and I didn't even know about it until I took control of the water supply!  Another mystery to investigate!  It makes me wonder how much water is wasted in the whole community just because no one notices.  At least this is happening during the winter (rainy season.)   I would be panicking if it was summertime and dry.
It is probably too wet to do much outside today, except harvest vegetables.  Perhaps it's time to do some house cleaning inside.  :-(

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