Thursday, 11 June 2009

No internet

I had planned to write a blog today about my new grain patch.
My plans were completely derailed by my lack of access to the internet.  
I checked my email early this morning.  I'm lucky... I can do that while still in bed with my laptop. Then the connection stuffed up.  No connection.  No internet.  I have a mac, so I could check the status of my connection very easily all day... as time went by,  this seemed wierd. 
We also had no telephone contact  (can't phone the isp) and no mobile phone contact either.  My internet status thingy in the computer sat there with the "no connection" status all day!!!  And I couldn't phone anyone to find out why.   We don't live in the city, so it didn't make the news (though I lsitened to the radio to see if anyone would  mention our predicament...  I kept thinking that if this was the city or even a suburb, not only would it be news,  but it would be an emergency!  No access to telephone of any sort or assistance from out of the town.
After about 4 or 5 hours I tried the local police number...  no answer.  I was surprised, as they are usually only closed on a Tuesdays, and this is Thursday...  Who else might know whether there should be a phone line  happening?   
I called the hospital.  I assured them that there was no emergency,  but I thought that they might know whether the phones in the town might be reconnected sooner rather than later... 
In fact they had no idea at all, though they did know that all telephones, mobile phones and internet connections,  not to mention the banks and eftpos outlets were all "off the air."  In fact the two banks in town were closed.
Eventually I decided to ignore the whole thing... in fact, most people in the world don't have constant internet and phone access...  I dug my "grain patch" and weeded the vegetables.  I thinned the onions and picked greens for the chickens (no roosters now... just the hens who lay eggs!)
So here I am,  more than 12 hours later, contemplating how precarious our modern "western" way of life is.  A few hours of disconnection is quite a shock.  Next time ( and I am sure that this will  happen in the future) will be easier!  It's a matter of comparing one's life with the rest of the world and we are pretty well off!  
This has been a bonus... a lesson in how most of the world live, and I am grateful.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

we had one of those days recently. some sort of sabotage that affected the whole of silicon valley allt he way to santa cruz and watsonville. It didn't worry me much,a quiet day I think that I spent it in the garden.

Jane said...

Cynthia told me about that too! wierd!