Monday, 15 June 2009

Stinging nettle fertiliser and muffins!

The yellow bucket in the background is full of a smelly rotten stinging nettles and chook poo mixture.  I have added weeds daily and stirred it as often as I walk past it....  The container in the front is the one that I use to dip the liquid out of the bucket... about one or two litres at a time...  and put it into my watering can (behind.)
Then I fill it up with water, and add either seaweed extract (about 20-30ml) and a nice big spoonful of trace elements.  Ground up rocks are actually better than the trace elements, but until the soil is sufficiently rich, I'll continue to add a little bit of the soluble stuff as well.  The soil here is lacking boron (shown by the strange beet roots and celery.)   Australia is a very old continent, so these have been leaching out in the rain for longer than in other places, so I add a complete trace element mix... sort of like a multi-vitamin.
Today I poured this onto all of the leafy green things that need feeding.

Now to frozen eggs.  I froze the eggs that I didn't sell earlier in the autumn.  We are almost at the shortest day of the year (it's the 21st here... next Sunday)  and so the chickens are really slack... not many eggs at all.
I thawed one parcel of them yesterday.  The yolks were very strange...  sort of solid and rubbery rather than the usual liquid.  I suppose that freezing denatures the protein, but instead of beating them with a fork,  I put them in the blender and gave them a whizz.  They were like beaten eggs again.  I made them into muffins with walnuts and cranberries.  They are lovely...  I don't think I'd use them for even scrambled eggs,  though they are probably better than egg powder, and people eat that!   Next I'll try noodles!

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