Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sunshiny day

It's cold again,  but beautifully sunny.  
I have hung the washing on the clothesline and while I was out there I heard the Bronzewing again.  I couldn't see it, but I certainly heard it again!
This is the back of my house, but that's what people see when they come in from the street.  The house was here before the street, so it doesn't face the right way.  The little green tank (about 1000 litres is the water supply that gravity feeds into the kitchen (in case the electricity is off.)
A walk around the yard....  beetroot is looking healthy, and there are quite a few of them on the way.  Beetroot is good value because you can eat the tops in ths same way as spinach or silver beet,  and you still have the bottom bit too.  I used to have trouble growing nice big beets like this,  but with a little bit of boron added to the soil, this is what you get.  Trace elements are interesting.
Cabbages are just about ready too.  I grow small ones as we have less people here now, but they (the small ones)  don't keep as well.  Perhaps I'll have some of each next year.
Cauliflower...  I have a few of these too, and once again a small variety.  This one has the last couple of bits left from the aphids that were there a while back,  but I poured the soapy dishwashing water on them... they all look ok now. (I use soap, rather than detergent to wash up.)  This is about 6 inches across and growing daily.  I'll soon have to pick and freeze a few.
Baby fennel...  these are the ones that grow the fat bulbs at the bottom.  They are good either in salad, stirfry or steamed... these will be a while yet though.
Buddha... this is the famous Buddha that disappeared from the shop when Nick went to buy it for me quite  a few Christmasses ago.  I had bought it for him for Christmas!  and all of the kids here (including Mel and Cameron Otto) disguised it for him.  He was travelling with a backpack, so I offered to look after it for him and it is still here.     At this time of the year, Buddha is surrounded by sour sobs and watsonia.  He looks content anyway.

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Everything is so beautiful and green and the house looks lovely. I like to think of your house 150 years ago...being approached from the front. Take care,

PS solstice is almost here.