Monday, 22 June 2009

Weeding again

My documented weeding of the garden in this blog makes it sound as though this is a very onerous and time consuming job.  In fact, it isn't at all.  I find that when plants are small, it's a good idea to reduce their competition by removing particular weeds, but is also gives me a good chance to see what is happening to them in other respects.  Regular observation of plants, in the same way that you would keep an eye on a pet is part of the plan.
It is also good to spend a little while outside in the sun if it's shining (especially in winter) and helps anyone who ever feels miserable sitting inside during inclement weather.
This is the patch that I weeded today.  The artichokes are doing well,  and are just to the right of this picture.  I have planted a row of garlic between those and the potatoes... seen getting going here though the closest ones are larger because they get more sun.  They were planted in a dip that you can still see, and they'll have straw on them soon.   Then you can see my pathway to get along the rows....  then the onions (not thinned yet), coriander, and some more broad beans...  with the baby fig tree behind those.
Here (below) is the next weeding patch.  This garden has mostly herbs and hardy plants that don't get much water in the summer.  There's also a bean teepee that will be used again  early next summer, though hanging there right now is the fly trap, still full of dead flies!  I'll be weeding this and making some more soil here before the summer.  With 100% clay soil,  it's quite a job and a lot of organic material before it becomes real soil.
In the herb patch is this bush of French lavender...   just beginning to flower....
And here is what happens to the weeds.  These chickens love them....
While I was in there donating some grass and weeds,  I checked for eggs.  Here is just one small one, with a couple of plastic ones to indicate where I'd like them to lay... chickens are communal breeders,  and so tend to lay in the same nests.
Flowers are beginning to appear on the calendula plants also...  this one has a pale centre.  I'm still waiting for the dark centred ones to grow.  This variety is so much more prolific than those.  They self seed all over the place and I leave them unless thay are in a completely inconvenient spot.  In fact i do that with quite a lot of plants that have become naturalised.

This photograph is really a post script,  if ever there was one.  
After the blog was finished and I was out and about (getting wood to cook dinner, in fact)  and saw the first rocket (arugula)  flowers in the "orchard" patch.  These are beautiful flowers and we have a permanent crop of rocket (arugula) here now....  I took several photographs of these flowers.... this is not the one that shows best view of the dark veins in the petals,  but if you enlarge it (I think you just have to click on it) you'll see a tiny black ant... how lucky is that!  There'll be plenty more rocket flowers....  and plenty more rocket for salads also.

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