Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Barossa meeting

This afternoon I had a meeting to attend at Carer's Link at Nuriootpa.  It has been cold and wet,  but the Barossa still looks beautiful.   Even before I got to Greenock,  there are the crops growing, silhouetted trees and the grey sky above.
My meeting went well,  I achieved all that I needed to, and drove home while the sun was getting lower and ower... about 5pm.

I always look at this particular house (below) on the way to and from Nuri....  it is well past it's "use by" date,  but I often wonder about who lived there.  I imagine that when the house was new,  perhaps a young couple paid for it to be built, and I wonder what their expectations were. I suppose that they were as delighted with their little cottage as the modern family is with its McMansion. I'll bet they were thrilled!   Did they have children?  What did they look like? and what kind of clothing did they wear?  So many questions, not unlike the questions that I ask about my own house.  (I often wonder how women managed the fire and the tank (I have found the original pump) with long bulky dresses!  But this house is wonderful....
If you look carefully,  you can now see a vinyard to the lhs, and a flock of sheep to the rhs behind the house.  The creek behind was probably a water supply, either directly, or by digging a well in the water course.
Near to the house, along the creek are trees (below)... with almond blossom already out...  it's winter for sure...In the other direction, these huge trees... a good indication that there is water down there somewhere.

I arrived home quite late... getting dark and time for dinner.  The quick and easy meal is "eggs and vegetables" with some spices and herbs...  
Here I have leeks, cauliflower, broccoli and leaves from the garden along with potatoes and carrots from the "potato man" all frying in olive oil.  The steam makes a really clear photograph tricky!
 I added a small amount of soy sauce (instead of salt) and then some water and let it cook for about 15-20 minutes with the lid on.  The only lid that I have that fits is from a wok that doesn't work very well on the flat stovetop....  but it works better than the foil that I used to use....  (and notice the original stove is back!
Now for the egg mixture... I used six pullet eggs (young hens lay smaller eggs for a while, and that's what we are getting at the moment.)  I added some spices (chinese five spice powder) and a pinch of salt and a few grinds of black pepper to the eggs... beside the eggs is the coriander, chopped and ready to go.  
Next, once the vegetables are cooked well enough,  add the egg mixture.  Let it start to set...
... turn it over in bits.... cook until the egg is kind of cooked but not tough and sprinkle with coriander....  and this is it.    Dinner in 30 minutes!

This is the "instant" meal that we have whe  time is really short.
It always reminds me of the first tv dinners that I saw... one of them in the freezer in Canada was scrambled eggs... they took only seven minutes to reheat in the microwave oven.  I thought it would be quicker to cook them!

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