Saturday, 25 July 2009

Clean house!

It was a really lovely day today. The sun was shining and it wasn't raining. It was fairly warm outside... 16 degrees I think.
This weekend, there is a national meeting of the Greens party in Adelaide. I would love to have been able to go, even as an observer, but I am very tired and I decided that I would rather do some house cleaning and otherwise have a quiet patch!
The garden was looking good this morning...
calendula... broad beans flowering beautifully (beans in Sept/Oct.)
The smelly bucket of stinging nettle fertiliser is still going. This is an ongoing job in the garden. I continue to add a lot of weeds and a little chicken manure regularly. This particular bucket smells really bad now, and if you get the liquid on your hands, it takes some cleaning off to rid yourself of the smell. The plants love it!
Vegetables... hard to identify here, but I can see peas, kale, fennel, broccoli, baby onions, silver beet and amaranth.
I spent some time cleaning the house today. It doesn't happen often that it all gets clean at the same time... here is the living room with books and television, knitting and more...
I took this photograph (below) in the dark, and I really like the picture. The curtain covers the front door to reduce the cold draught in winter, the chair was mine when I was very small (it must be about 60 years old) and the basket was recently bought at the local antique/second hand shop just because I thought it was so lovely. I like this photo.The kitchen... I haven't cleaned the shelves, but the floor is wonderful (no baked beans!)
Notice the new table (from the same second hand shop) with my computer sitting on it...
... and the view right through to the front door where one can see that beautiful basket...
Now to the "spare room" that is still very often known as Chrissy's room (his drum kit is still in the cupboard.) It still has the awful green coloured paint on the walls, and the same wierd curtains... but at least it is clean and tidy and ready for the next visitor, whoever that might be.
I don't usually take photographs of the house like this, but since it was clean, it was the perfect opportunity and now y'all know where to visit when you're next near Kapunda.


Devon said...

What have you done with your refrigerator???

Jane said...

It's on the back verandah. And I have a freezer now too... and that is out there as well.
I know it's not like the "triangular workspace" or "galley style" kitchen or whatever, but it's just a different kind of trendy!!!