Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cold day in July

It is July.  The new page on the calendar matches the cold!  Well, ok,  not quite, but it is cold outside.  And windy.   The painting is by Mialia Jaw and is called "Le retour de Titalittaq."   The pointy hoods on the parkas (dickys) of the Inuit look like they are from the eastern arctic... the part that I know and the hoods that I like!
And it is cold and windy in the garden today.  I have  been out to dig a trench to carry the water from the overflowing tank away from its base.  It is windy outside too... miserable looking... grey and wet and cold.
In this picture, you can even see the trees being blown sideways, I think.  The sky is dark and grey behind them and the weeds are green and healthy.  The fence beyond has minimalist graffiti by Nick, Chris and Jonathon, from memory.  Beyond is the red tiled roof of the neighbours.
As I rushed around the vegetable patch collecting vegetables for soup I took a couple of photographs... very quickly.  Here are tiny beet plants and the middle sized group of broccoli (out of four sizes these are the third.)  There are also a couple of tiny celery plants...  they need some more fertiliseer (from the stinging nettles) but I'm not staying out there today!And here, below,  the "piece de resistance!"    This is one of the first garlic plants to come up.  It is only a few days old.  There is a whole row of these...down near the artichokes, onions and coriander and broad beans.  I have seen a  few of these coming up where they were growing last year...  I must have missed a few (as I have some potatoes.)  I didn't have enough garlic this year, so I've planted more and I hope that I'll have enough for planting next June, though I'm doubtful.  We use quite a lot.
Nick phoned me today.  We were talking about artschool, painting and articles about Cezanne.  I like Cezanne's paintings, though I've only seen a few in real life.  I have read a biography about him and I would like to read the book by Emile Zola, based on Cezanne and his artist friends, and over which they disagreed so much that their friendship ended.  It's called "The Masterpiece" in English.  I will read it soon.  ("L' Oevre" in French)  
I am still immersed in Derrick Jensen's "Endgame."
This painting (below) has just returned from an exhibition.  I painted it some time ago when I was reading about Cezanne and his mountains.  It turned out to be in that style that I (in my own mind) call "unfinished."  It isn't unfinished, but it isn't blended and polished... it 's what you can see when you look at those trees.  I called it "Cezanne's Gum trees"  though I doubt that he ever saw any.  
The actual trees are near Hamilton, north of Kapunda where I like to paint.


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