Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Long day

This morning was a bit of a rush as I had to be at Angle Vale for the bridge opening, then on to Daveyston for a road launch, or whatever it is called. It went well. I didn't take any photographs of the dignitaries, as I didn't want to add to their collective sense of importance :-).
I don't want to sound smug either, but it did seem wierd that the presumptive guest of honour didn't even attend once there was a better political offer and those that did seemed to know very little about what was happening. One lives and learns....

It rained on the way home. I drove through Tanunda (to pick up a parcel at the gallery) and there were tourists, bus trippers. When I called in at a winery to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner, there were some particularly pretentious people with interstate numberplates that looked at me as if I was an under-housemaid or a chimney sweep or at least smelled really bad... these people were sitting tasting wine and breaking bread in the room where I often buy a bottle on my way home. I bought my usual couple of bottles... they looked at me as if I was a servant as they arranged shipping of several cases to their home. Interesting....

It was getting cold and late when I got home, but I went to check the vegetables, of course....
Down the back, past the chickens, the onions and coriander look good and in between, the most recent garlic, tiny plants but all have come up...
Just near there (below), I found this brick and some rocks with moss attached... and the sporophyte generation reaching skyward... this may not be of any significance to those of you who live in wetter climates, but for us this is wonderful. We have had enough rain for the haploid (gametophyte) generation of moss to reproduce sexually... it doesn't happen every year here! I must find out what kind of moss this is... it is looking spectatular right now!

Weeds... I don't usually worry too much about them. These are mustard plants (below), grown from seeds that were in my spice rack. This shows how you can get quite a crop easily. This is god news for my horta patch. I broke a piece of this mustard plant off today... it is quite mature... and the first taste was rather like "old" leaves, but then the spicy taste kicked in and I rather liked it. If I was hungry, I could certainly make a meal out of this.

Next are the stinging nettles that are growing amongst the broad beans... They look healthy (nettles and beans) and I do pick the nettles for the fertiliser bucket... no waste here... they are supposed to be good to eat too and if that is the case, I'll never go hungry!The picture below shows both of the functional chimneys of the house. Both are just a brick rectangular tower that manage to "suck" once the fire is warm. The smaller one on the right hand side is the kitchen one... goes constantly lately, and the bigger one serves the fire place in the living room (and supports the television aerial also.) Both are smoking here, though it's hard to pick with the clouds and the clean burning wood! This part of the garden is the most intensive 15 sq m that I use... it is the part that I cover with shade cloth in the summer. I am beginning to plan my summer garden despite the fact that my summer seeds haven't even arrived from diggers yet.
While I checked the garden, I brought some vegetables for dinner... Russian kale and carrots... there is some broccoli underneath as well (the side shoots after the first pick) and so we had lentils, rice and vegetables (kedgeree) for dinner.
While I waited for the stove to warm up, I mixed some bread dough as well. This bread has half and half wholewheat and white flour, with bits in it as well. I didn't have any seeds so I added some bulghur that was soaked in water... yummy bread! (despite the fuzzy photo!)
It is my usual bread recipe... flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil. Nothing else, but it's good.

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