Wednesday, 29 July 2009

More rain

It was only another 1 mm but things are a bit soggy outside. The clay soil helps to make things soggy and slippery too. I had hoped to be ready to plant the seed potatoes today, but I'll wait for a couple of dry days.
I walked around the yard between showers, checking what is going on out there... it looks lovely with a little bit of sunshine.
There are plenty of weeds, mostly soursobs, winter grass and nettles, and some of them need to be cut back, but meanwhile they look luxurious when usually we have dry cracked earth and dried up weeds.
The view across the backyard from the kitchen window includes this expanse of grass under several native trees, an olive tree, and two of the tanks in the background...
..and below, looking to the left a little... under the Kurrajong is the table that Jonathon put there as a place to read. he didn't use it very much, but I have! It's a pity that the wireless connection doesn't reach up there. As the rain has come, the Watsonia has come up through the setting... I don't think that a TV garden could do that if they tried!
Back to the vegetable area. I need a map. This is the succulent that grows near the broad beans. It is finally flowering...
... and this is the actual flower, close up. They are actually a series of small flowers all the way oup each spike. They flower sequentially, starting at the bottom.
On my walk, I aslo found the new buds on the lilac. This lilac bush is very old and there are quite a few of these around the town. At some time, people obviously shared cuttings. These days, ther is the perception that lilac won't grow here, but here is my lilac plant producing buds again this year. The plant must be quite old, judging from its size, and I can only imagine how long ago this was propagated, and who must have shared an original plant.
The path to the clothes line. It is muddy at the momebt too. The green chair and table on the LHS is close enough to the house for the wireless broadband to work, and sitting out there in the summer, I often wonder how the "other half" are living.... it is a tough life! The closest and most intensively planted vegetable garden is on the RHS. Further along, you need to detour around the lemon verbena and lavender on the right, and then get to the pink painted shed on the left, which is the chooks house. Behind that chooks house is the furthest garden where the artichokes, garlic and plants that will not be watered in the summer. Once it dries out, I'll protect the soil with a lot of mulch and leave it until the rain comes next year.
The black wattle is out... this one has the biggest pom poms, and quite a lot of perfume. I like this one best.
From the back of the house, and no, the paint job is not finished! When you get to this house, you approach from the back. The front gable (furthest from here) is the original two room house. That house probably had a lean-to on the back for cooking, washing and bathing.
The next part was added on at about 1900, apparently, and the kitchen was upgraded. This added three more rooms altogether, though the layout is strange and one of those rooms might well have been a pantry and store room. I have the 1900 stove in that kitchen now. There has been a verandah added on and that has been enclosed to include the laundry. (The little chimney, closest to the little tank, is the obsolete one that would have ben used for the fire to boil the copper... an inside laundry!) That verandah has since been modified to provide an inside toilet and it is where my fridge is and a cupboard that I use as a pantry. I'd like a cooler space for storing food for the longer term, but there isn't amywhere that I can find yet. There was never a cellar in this house.
Notice the solar hot water heater on the roof near the tank also. After two years, this is now completely paid for!
In recent years, the last verandah has been added, with the roofline changing direction... otherwise no one would have been able to duck under it!
The little tank on the tank stand is full. The overflow is directed iinto a bigger tank that is used to feed the house via a pump. If the electricity is off, the small green tank can still be gravity fed into the kitchen. I don't need to run out with a bucket!
The closest wood pile is what I'm burning now, though some of it is not as dry as I'd like!
Thinking of water, the other thing that I found in my trip around the yard today was the pipe from the biggest part of the shed onto the old shed... that pipe was lying on the ground. I put it back and actually jammed it between the gutter and the other roof. I check it often, and this is the second time that I've found it on the ground!
And below that, the view on the walk back to the house... with wet feet from the soggy grass. Those big trees are on my side of the boundary, and they provide firewood intermittently.
Whoops... blogger just changed the order of the last two pictures.... and it won't let me change them back! You'll have to sort it out among yourselves!!!!


Devon said...

hey when did you get the solar panels? Are they all hooked up and working? I don't remember hearing about that, but we are putting the same thing on my parents house this weekend.

Jane said...

It has been there for a while now... in fact it must be two years because it took two years to pay off and that has just finished! Yes, it's all hooked up and working... plenty of hot water... in the rainy season anyway!
It has all rainwater going through it too, which means that it should last a long time... no wierd chemicals in the water!