Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Paintings for Burra

I have finished three more paintings ... lately these are all small still life studies. These are easier to paint when time is limited.
I imagine that this is my "Morandi" period. I don't have time to go out "en plein aire" and I have no access to any life drawing so I seem to be painting still life studies of things that I have around home... and I imagine that Morandi did much the same.
The photograph isn't terribly good, but it does show the idea. I had wanted to try painting a candle and some objects lit by candle light... I have been thinking about this for some time. The Burra Gallery has a themed exhibition... "Light" so I couldn't resist! My candle pictures!
This evening I had a council meeting, but I'm home in time to get these paintings ready to deliver tomorrow and to take a photograph of them, just in case they sell! There are a few that I have sold unexpectedly, and I have no record at all. It's a bit sad when that happens.
Anyway, these are not masterpieces, but I am really happy with them. I like painting with the minimal and singular light source... it's a very tricky thing to do, but I'm sure that artists have managed this in years gone by.
Tomorrow will be another busy day, delivering art to Burra and then travelling to Nuriootpa for a Carer's Link meeting (I am a board member)... and on to Adelaide by train (I'll leave my car in Gawler because I am always worried about having it defected in the city... because of the rust) for a Climate Emergency meeting because someone has to save the world! I am hoping for a quiet end to the week after that.

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