Thursday, 23 July 2009

Quiet day

After my very busy day yesterday, I am spending a quiet day at home today, and I'm hoping for a similar Friday.
The trip to Burra was quite enjoyable, travelling along one of my favourite roads along the eastern side of the Tothill ranges. I really love these hills. Currently they are tinged with green, after plenty of rain in the last month or so.
The shape and form of the hills shows the effect of millions of years of weathering... and reminds me of the reason that soils are so depleted in trace elements here.

I went to a talk by Matthew Wright who is an activist with Beyond Zero Emissions and, while so much of the information is well known, there was much to be hopeful about. It is possible to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide without resorting to even more dangerous solutions (nuclear) and that there is much being done in Spain already. There are now several different inventions that are commercially available and that can produce solar electricity 24/7 with no ongoing emissions at all.
It is a pity that our govermment is not thinking of a future beyond the next election!

As well as the production of clean electricity on this scale, I continue to prefer the dissemination of electricity production (solar on every roof) though I understand that this would require changes to the grid, making distribution feasable in the "opposite" direction from the current practice... it is set up to have minimal "upfeed" and usually only "downfeed." I still think that reducing the monopoly of a few companies that are able to operate as a cartel would be an improvement.

Having listened to the discussion after the presentation, I am also aware that it was mainly older people who thought that a reduction in energy consumption was an option. I am one of those older people, and I think that there will be a reduction in energy consumption, if for no other reason than cost. Discussion among younger people included the importance of the provision of air conditioning, and I suppose many of that group have never lived without it. I had never even seen it until I was a young adult. It does give a different perspective, I suppose.

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