Sunday, 12 July 2009

Quiet weekend

These bread rolls were made with the dough left over from pizza on Saturday.  The oven is definitely back in action...
On Sunday we went for a "Sunday drive" from Kapunda, via Ebenezer, Penrice, Eden Valley, Mt Pleasant, Mt Torrens and Charleston.   
After lunch with the Bolwell Club members, we drove home along the same route, though with a detour through Moculta and Truro.  
The vinyards are very wintery,  leafless and half pruned.  There are grasses and winter weeds all over the place, though crops are looking even greener where fertilisers have been added.  
I wonder how it will look when oil based chemicals for crops are harder to get and more expensive.  Wherever I look I can see an exciting future.
My grandmother (about whom I have written some time ago) suffered from what I now know is "future shock."   She must have been close to my current age when she first saw an aircraft, and she thought that flying was completely unacceptable...   "If god had meant us to fly,  he would have given us wings."
When I was young,  I thought that this was a crazy attitude.  That was more than fifty years ago.
Nowadays, with greater perspective, I am aware of the kind of changes that we can expect and these result from the three E's,  economy, energy and environment.  This might be something like future shock.  I am not sure exactly what will happen, but I am looking forward to it.
As for aircraft in the past, it might not be all bad, and might even be quite exciting.

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