Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Seed catalogue

My favourite seed catalogue arrived today. Spring must be on the way!
It is tempting to order a lot of seeds, but it can be a waste of money too. I ususally make a first list and add up the cost, then begin whittling it down.
I also have to keep in mind that water will be at ta premium during the summer.... we are more than likely to have no rain at all for up to eight months. I have three full tanks, but that's not inexhaustable.
However I have had a tiny look and found a few that are not to be missed.
There are soy bean seeds... these are really edamame makings, and I haven't seen them anywhere here before. These are a must.
Passionfruit seeds... I have grown these from grafted plants and those are expensive and not always healthy... perhaps I'll go for the $2.75 option (20 seeds.)
There is a low income package (they just need my pension card number, I think) which has all of the basics in it, and parsnips. I really don't like parsnips at all. They are the one and only vegetable that I just don't eat, but apart from the parsnips, the rest are really good... 12 packets of seeds for an average of $2 ea, and that doesn't include the parsnips. It doesn't say what kind of beans are in the packet, but they should be ok. It doesn't say what kind of tomatoes either.... I'll think about that. It is better to grow vegetables that can produce next year's seeds. That means open pollinated seeds and preferably organic... they grow better! Hybrid plants are sterile... and that means that you have to continue to buy seeds every year no matter what... I'm sure Monsanto (who have bought Yates seed co. along with hundreds of otehr seed companies all over the world) will tell you that they are better, but I no longer believe them, having tried both kinds.
I'd like to grow runner beans, but it is too hot here, I think. Perhaps I'll have one more try. The other beans that I like are romano beans or purple king beans.
During the hot weather I'll leave a lot of the brassicas, though they do grow well enough. I think I'll stick to chinese stir fry vegetables and kale... these are more practical for me in the summer.
I'll grow carrots (I have some seeds here, and I'll let some go to seed so that I have plenty of lady birds to eat the aphids. As well as that, I'll get my own seed again.
Cucumbers and tomatoes... the cucumbers that I've had the best luck with are the Japanese climbing ones... and the best tomatoes are romas. Greek style salads are good in summer, and I can get a feta style cheese made in Murray Bridge (about 100 km away.)
Other vegetables that grow well in the summer are eggplants and capsicums.
I enjoy the catalogue as much as I enjoy the garden, I think... dreaming material.

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