Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Small things amuse

I was busy yesterday with chasing up various information for the community garden group (Kapunda) and avoiding the rain!  I was home in the afternoon and lit the fire then ended up sitting beside it reading "Endgame" again.  It is one of those books that you read and jsut know that that is exactly what you've always known.  I can't wait to get to volume 2.  Sitting by the fire, reading, seemed like a good way to spend the rainy day.
We had 8mm of rain over the past 24 hours, but this morning the sun is shining and everything looks very healthy in the vegetable garden.   The "house" tank overflowed again.  I need to dig a better gutter to run the water away... and we had better start drinking more water or having longer showers!!!
The two tanks by the back fence are now three quarters full (making about 13 or 14 thousand litres.)   Adding that all up... 22,500 litres.  It is interesting to think about how much we are using and how much we'll need for next summer.  It is good to have the water sitting there and be able to see jsut what you are using.
I need to go and make the drain run further down the slope, and away from the tank, so that it isn't undermined.

Flowers...another new bulb is flowering too... another jonquil...pure white and glowing in he sun.  I'd love to have a uv filter to see whether it is one of those serious uv reflectors.  I wonder what bees think of these.
And here I am, back at the calendulas.  This is the favourite dark centred ones.  When they are buds,  they look to be a really dark red colour.  It is an unusual colour for a flower... a maroon red.
This is the opened flower....  with only the centre showing the dark red colour.
... and from the side view,  you can still see the red backs of the petals.  I like this view.
It really is a beautiful flower.  The colours are the same as those of Tibetan buddhist monks' clothing...  the same colour combination.  I know that calendulas were known in ancient Greek, Roman, Arabic and Indian cultures so I wonder if that is where the traditional colour combination came from.  The flowers have been used as a dye also... and the flowers are supposed to be able to make egg yolks darker, though our chickens don't seem to need that.

I picked vegetables for tea tonight...  and here is dinner.  More meat than we usually eat, but we do seem to be following Michael Pollan's advice written on the lettuce label on his book, "In defense of food".
That yellow label reads "Eat food, not too much,  mostly plants."  And we do.
(I have discovered how to make a link work!  A new trick!)
The pork is from a free range farm near here.  I had bought two lots last time I was at the market.  
These two pork chops have been in the freezer (so the use by date is irrelevant) but should thaw before I get home from the Development Assessment Panel meeting at the council chambers tonight.
I called this "small things amuse" because I really do find the things that I find around the yard quite interesting (and I haven't even started on the birds nests yet!) 


Ju said...

nice entry. isnt the rain miraculous... it makes such a difference. both ben and i like talking about the changing ecology in toowong over the months years... we have some flowers some times, some animals some times, but it changes every year... and we like to theorise about why, tho neither of us know for sure.

strangely, we have no water dragons right now... maybe summer we will.

your photos are lovely and dinner sounds good. we are also buying only free range meat and eggs, but steering more towards fish as i think meat is a bit dodgy generally. veggie is best!

i will send the children to you soon for a short visit to see all this stuff x

Jane said...

It's probably a bit cold for water dragons right now. They don't have any means of homeostasis like us. Their body temperature is pretty much the same as the air temperature. This is much more efficient in the long run, but a bit of a niusance in the cold weather, no doubt.

We are the same... not much meat (it's worth a photo when we do!)
It's expensive too.
We usually have plenty of eggs (those girls out there are pretty good!) And usually lots of vegetables from the garden.