Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tanunda Gallery

This must be "gallery week." Today is my rostered day to sit in the Barossa Regional Gallery in Tanunda. I got home late last night after my trip to Adelaide, and having had a few wet and miserable days before that, I went out first thing this morning to make sure that everything is surviving.
The peas, planted about 3 weeks ago now are finally looking like little pea plants. I decided to take the mesh off... if you leave it too long, it can't be removed without inuring the plants. It is surprising how soon they get to that size once they are up and about.
Here they are... a tiny row among these self sown silver beet plants (what else?) and ther are more on the way.
Just near those are the amaranth plants. I have usually grown these in summer as they seem insensitive to heat or lack of water... they keep producing edible leaves no matter what. They have grown more slowly during the cold weather and now they are beginning to produce flowers. The little pink middle spots were there before, but in the last week or two, they are seem to be bursting into flower in a quiet sort of way... perhaps they are sensitive to the changing day lengths also... June 21st does seem to change the way many garden plants behave, not to mention the chickens.
On down the backyard, the garlic is looking good, though I admit to photographing these quite close up... they look lovely. The new batch aren't up yet, though I did find a couple that were dug out of the ground (presumable birds did that) and they had plenty of roots. I replanted them, and hopefully they will be ok too.
A head of broccoli that is just about ready to pick. We have been eating the side shoots of the first batch so far, but there are quite a few more like this...
In fact they are amongst this "jungle" patch... here, in front, are the leeks, broccoli and cabbage. Behind those are the first broad beans and behind those the just flowering succulent that I still have not identified.
Fennel too. These are getting fatter and will only get one more application of stinging nettle fertiliser before i plet them sit ready to be picked. Our diet will change again.
These are more tiny broccoli plants. Notice that they are right beside the chicken wire at the edge of the garden (seen here on the lower edge of the picture.) This makes them easily accessible when I am away in October... they should be good by then. John can't climb onto the garden bed (as you need to to collect many of the veges) but he'll be able to get to this broccoli at least!
I am going to be travelling at the end of September. And here are some of the people I'll be visiting....
Annie, Charlotte and Oliver

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