Friday, 17 July 2009

Transition towns in South Australia

I have been to the city.
Today I had lunch with several people who are interested in finding out about Transition towns as there is a plan to spend a weekend at The Food Forest as the beginning of a transition movement in South Australia.
I stayed on and had dinner as part of the "steering group" for this transition initiative... and more of that another day.

I hadn't been in Adelaide for some time. It was very noisy, bustling and I found it all interesting until I was waiting in Gouger St for John to pick me up (he had been out for dinner too) for the ride back to my car in Gawler.... there were angry people shouting and swearing at each other, near misses in the traffic and noise and more noise. Kapunda might be quiet, but it is relatively peaceful also.
Highlights of my day were catching up with some of my yoga friends (lunch was to be at the same vegetarian restaurant that they eat lunch on Fridays also) and then walking to North Terrace to the Art Gallery before returning for dinner and the planning meeting.
I visited an exhibition called "Making Nature: Masters of European Landscape Art" that consisted of works from the gallery's own collection. Many of the works were ones that I recognised, having seen them there before, but then so many more from those that mus rarely see the light of day. Apparently two thirds of the collection remains in storage because there is no space to show it!
Much of the gallery was in disarray. Apparently, the air conditioning system is being modified to be more environmentally sensitive, and while that is happening much of the gallery is only climate controlled using fans and dehumidifiers. Some galleries are closed. Some works are moved to storage for safe keeping. But there is much more sculpture on display, including this...
Later I went to see my favourite painting... actually it was my favourite when I was little, and I still go back and visit it each time I go the the gallery.... and it is made of tiny geometric pieces painted together...
and below in the whole picture.. amazing, and it has always intrigued me.


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

Here's the link to santa cruz's transitions page:


Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

and who was the artist with all the shapes?

Jane said...

I can't tell you his name. There are two paintings by the artist there (but this has always been my favourite) and I have looked at his name a few times, but when I was little I had absolutely no interest in who made it... just thought it was like magic.... it is!
Next time, I'll write it down and remember.
I could never paint like this, but it is an incredible lesson in colour!