Saturday, 15 August 2009

Barossa Regional gallery and climate change

I am the "sitter" in the Barossa Regional gallery for a Saturday once a month. It can be interesting, or not, depending upon the exhibition, and today was my day. The exhibition was a part of the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival. This has been a good event for me. Usually I have sold a number of paintings and I've been quite pleased. This year I have been busy, though I have artworks in Burra, and hope for the best.
Anyway, I was sitting in the Barossa Regonal gallery today. I tried to read the agenda papers for the Council meeting next tuesday night, but there were too many visitors... good for the gallery, but not for me.
While sitting in the gallery, I did write a paper for the council about climate change, risk management and how it might effect the "bottom line' as far as the budget goes. It is depressing to have to get everything back to the "money line" but with a majority of climate change deniers on council, you do what is sensible. I hope it works.

The gallery is a beautiful building.... the first gallery, looking back towards the street.... desk on the LHS where I get to do some work while I "sit."

... gallery number 1 with paintings from the collection...

... and gallery number 2 with SALA artworks....

On the way home, I found two horses and I photographed these for Fiona. I have yet to find some friendly lambs.

On the detour to see the horses, I also found a canola field... this is so wierd. It is so early for this to be flowering. Is this climate change?

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Thanks for the horses...Love Louise and fiona