Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Busy with exhibitions, meetings, vegetables and bread

The wild and windy weather continues, but the rain is still most welcome. We had 9mm during last night, and more during today. I just don't like the cold that comes with it!

I have organised much of the information from last weekend (the transition event) and now I'm back to working on the exhibition that I'm organising for the Barossa Regional Gallery. The exhibition is going to be spectacular, and I'm confident about the opening... more or less... but there is still a lot to do.

The press release tha I sent to an assortment of local and Adelaide papers today.


Artist, Dennis Spiteri, will be in Tanunda at the Barossa Regional Gallery for the Sepember 6th opening of a stunning exhibition of his paintings.

Music has always been important to the artist and has informed his work over many years. Each of the series of paintings he has produced have had particular music at their core, beginning with his "Mass" in 1970 (inspired by Beethoven’s "Missa Solemnis"), to his current series "The Song of the Earth" in 2005.

Paintings from two series will be included in the Barossa exhibition.

The two paintings in the series, "Cambodia," express the horror and anger of what happened to the people of that country.

The series "Song of the Earth" had a long gestation period. The idea developed as the artist worked on his country property, planting thousands of trees. The sudden confrontation with nature, after years of being cloistered in city studios, was overwhelming. Mahler's Song of the Earth helped to give structure to the series.

The artist's studio in country Victoria doubles as a gallery in which he is able to exhibit his work which requires a dedicated space in order to accommodate the large size of the individual paintings. The Barossa Regional Gallery and South Australians are lucky to have this spectacular exhibition of paintings by Dennis Spiteri so close to home.

The exhibition will be opened by Angaston musician, Peter Brownridge at 2.00 pm on Sunday September 6th, 2009. The artist will be present.

The exhibition will continue until October 13th.

Artist's website: http://www.dennis-spiteri.com/

Barossa Regional Gallery

3 Basedow Rd,


I went to the gallery to meet the freight truck in the middle of the day and the paintings have all arrived safely. One more hurdle is conquered!

So that is what I'm preoccupied with just now...
... of course, that doesn't change the garden and vegetables scene... tonight we had bulghur with leeks and herbs, broccoli (of course) and lamb from the local butcher (he also has the local abbatoir, and "processes" local animals.)

There is a big bonus when you cook on a wood stove. It's easy to heat the oven once the hotplate is going. I just move the lever on my Giffhorn patent flue, and keep the fire going... and bake the bread. I mixed a batch of bread while I was getting dinner ready and it should cook slowly before bed time.
Here it is ready to go into the oven...
... this bread has soy grits in it... to increase the protein... an old recipe that I have been using for more than 30 years (that sounds like a long time, but it's true... I first began to use this recipe when protein was expensive in Newfoundland, back in 1972.) These loaves are in the oven right now and they smell good too.
And here are the biscuits that I made yesterday... they spread out a bit more than I'd planned, but they taste good... the glass jar distorts the image!

I still need to get to my own painting practice. I have several paintings that must be finished quite soon. I also have meetings to attend for the next three days. I have planned what I want to do... I need some quiet and undisturbed time, and that doesn't seem to be available until the weekend!
Tomorrow will be a meeting to revise policies for Carer's Link, and then a formal board meeting. I need to get back to Kapunda quickly to help with community garden negotiations.
On Thursday and Friday I will be attending a "Roads and Works" conference in Clare, SA. The agenda for that looks good. There are a number of climate change issues that should be covered... always good for a conservative council that doesn't quite accept that this is reality yet. It will be cold in Clare, but I have a warm sleeping bag (thanks Louise) and I'll be fine.

Morning update: Tuesday. Fresh bread for breakfast.
Notice the "TOP" on the side of the bread. This is due to the bread tin being a cast-off from the old "Tip-Top" bakery in Adelaide. John had been using it as a storage container in the shed, but I have retreived it and put it back into the bread making business!
I'm out of here! On my way to Nuriootpa.

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