Tuesday, 11 August 2009


After considering the garden and dinner today, this is how it turns out....
I did pick the cabbages from that patch this morning, and then some coriander for flavouring.
I had the noodles and the mushroom (vegetarian) sauce for stir frying and an onion from the shop. (Last summer I had quite a few onions, but I did run out!)
Here are the garden contributions...
... the noodles (this is a big block of noodles that needs to be cut into strips to look like the noodles that we are used to).... these are my favourite noodles!
Below is the whole dinner, in parts.
You'll notice that there is still one poor little garlic bulb (the last one from the last year) hanging up behind the mushroom stuff, and the other clothes peg has a couple of recipes... the front one, on the green paper is John's recipe for his pumpkin... to make soup...
John grew this pumpkin and is waiting for the appropriate occasion for pumpkin soup... he has the recipe ready and waiting to go.
Here (below) is the cabbage chopped, and the onion, and of course, my glass of wine (riesling from Yaldara.)
Cutting the noodles.... (coriander in the background.)
Here is the pan on the stove.... the onions are cooked, the cabbage added and then the noodles... and the mushroom sauce with a bit of extra water as the pan is pretty hot and I don't want it to burn or dry out.... the fire is quite hot.
... add the coriander.
Stir that in as well.... John took a pic of me instead of the dinner... you can't even see the dinner! On the edge of the stove is the olive oil, soy sauce, ghee, cooking utensils, red wine and marsala... then the flue with its alfoil adjustment....
And here it is, noodles with onion, cabbage and coriander, all flavoured with mushroom sauce. This is a quick an easy dinner, mostly from the garden, with special rice noodles from chinatown and probably quite healthy!

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Fiona (posts by her mum and dad) said...

It looks super yummy, remember that chinese ham? the red stuff, a bit of that on the side would be good too. I don't know where to get those noodles in santa cruz, might have to go to watsonville for them...love